Simply Formed Baby Blessing Program

Starting a Baby Blessing is an easy and fun way to show an expectant parent how much you care and bring a little extra joy to them during a stressful and exciting time! 

Baby Blessings are an anonymous monthly (or you choose the frequency) gift, wrapped and delivered to the parent of your choice. You can come in each month and select the gift you would like to be given or give us a monthly budget and general information about the recipient and we will be happy to pick out a

gift for you. We can keep your card on file and charge you each month on the day of your choice and that is when the blessing will be delivered. 

The first Baby Blessing comes with a gift tag explaining to the mama what a Baby Blessing is and that they will find out who their special person is closer to their due date or shower date, your choice. 

Each additional Baby Blessing comes with a special gift tag with the recipients name on it stating its from their anonymous giver.

The final Baby Blessing comes with a gift tag revealing your name as their special person!

If you are interested in our Baby Blessing Program reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, email, call (903) 517 - 9988 or visit us in store at 2705 Clarksville St. Paris, Texas 75460 in front of Cozy Cappuccino, and we will be happy to get you set up! 

We look forward to helping you!

- Cambra