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Who Made That Roar? - Children's Sensory Board Book with Touch and Feel

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Who made that roar? Was it the elephant? The snake? The monkey in the trees? In this rhyming book, little ones will learn the sounds that different jungle animals make. Multiple touch-and-feel elements on every spread will keep toddlers interested and extend reading time. * Learn the names of popular jungle animals and the sounds they make. * Includes various mixed touch-and-feel elements on each spread. * Bright, bold, colorful illustrations of favorite jungle animals, such as a monkey, elephant, lion, and more. * Interactive fun and tactile learning in this children's book will engage young readers. * Add a new book to a child's library today! Written by John Hansen and illustrated by Jayne Schofield. Book Details * Board book with mixed touch-and-feel elements * 10 Pages  * 6.25 inches x 8.25 inches * Ages Baby to 6 * ISBN: 9781957842455 * Retail Price: $12.99

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